3 Ways to remind yourself that “You’re awesome!”

I wanted to jump start September by doing my first post on positivity (because after all, this is what I intended the blog to be). So here’s my first post on looking at the Sunny-side up! 😀

I think all of us are awesome beings (because I know we were created to be), yet sometimes we forget how beautiful and smart and talented and wonderful and loving and loved we all are.

Maybe because of the day-to-day humdrum of life. Maybe because of our busy-ness at work. Maybe because of the million-and-one things we think the world needs from us.

Sometimes, its because we feel bogged down by problems or are just simply feeling melancholic about life.

That’s why I think its important to always set aside a little time for ourselves to do a bit of self-love and reflect on how awesome and wonderful we are.

Here are some ways to remind ourselves of this:

  1. List down your past successes. One exercise from Jack Canfield’s 10-Day Transformation project is to list down your past achievements. When I did this, I immediately felt reassured and re-energized, simply by recalling the things I was able to do and where I am today because of them. Try listing down 3-5 successes you’ve had in the past five or ten years. You’ll immediately feel amazed at the fact that you were able to achieve all of these.

    awesome list
    Its always a great idea to list down positive things, like successes, achievements and things to be grateful for
  2. Be grateful. Again and again, this is my favorite item because it works every time! Reflecting on what you’re thankful for is one of the easiest ways to feel loved, regardless of what you think your imperfections are. You can start by listing down five things that you’re thankful for today, or five events that went well today and the people who made them possible. Being thankful gives you an overall feeling of optimism. It also makes you realize that however unimportant or insignificant you feel, there are always people who love you just the way you are. And by the way, they know that you’re awesome, even if you’re not seeing it right now.

    Choosing to be grateful every time makes you feel better about yourself.
    Choosing to be grateful every time makes you feel better about yourself.
  3. Do something you’re good at. It may be sketching a cartoon, writing a short paragraph, dancing to a catchy tune, editing your photography, or just anything you love doing. Carve out time from your day and do it as soon as you can. You’ll see that you’ll feel good afterward just by enjoying the moment and thinking “Wow, I am so good at this.”

    Dance to some great music, whip those brushes out, or cook up your signature dish - anything that'll make you feel great!
    Dance to some great music, whip those brushes out, or cook up your signature dish – anything that’ll make you feel great!

Every time you’re feeling down and out, all you need is spend some “me-time” doing any of these three things. You’ll surely feel better (and more awesome!) afterward. 🙂

be awesome
scribbles by me 🙂

Cheers and sunshine,

Lianne ❤


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