‘Twas an Awe-inspiring August!

Sooo, the month of August has come to an end!  Looking back at the month that was, I initially thought that August was not so exceptional, what with going back to teaching work and the lack of out-of-town adventures. But then, I realized that so many wonderful things had happened, paving the way for the next amazing months! So, here are just some of my thoughts on an awe-inspiring August and some tidbits of gratitude along the way. 🙂

Hello august

  1. Got a great class (work) schedule! Yay!! The hubby and I decided that it was time for me to “deload” some of my teaching units to make time for staying at home and doing more of my writing for clients. Despite getting fewer teaching units the past semester, the 6-day-workweek schedule kept getting in the way and added to a lot of stress, so I decided to take it further down the notch of full-time teaching. Also, a big factor that led to this decision was the two-months hibernation (June, July) spent rediscovering my love for painting and writing, deciding to pursue personal goals, my love for just being home and the flexibility of being able to spend more time nurturing relationships with family and friends. And sooo, I now mostly have just a 3-days-a-week teaching schedule until the end of the year!! Yaayyy!! 🙂 This allows me the time I need to work on client stuff, pursue personal projects, and just enjoy living an awesome life. Teehee. 😀
  2. Got to spend more time with family. Double yay!! 🙂 Over the course of August, we were able to spend every Saturday dinner at mom’s house with uncle and the kids. I absoluuutely love being with the kiddos! We bonded over rambutans, played indoor games, and giggled ’til our sides hurt. I also knew that we all looked forward to Saturdays because of this, and we intend to keep these Saturday family dinners as well as we can. 🙂

    Wacky faces with the kiddos!
    Wacky faces with the kiddos!
  3. Progress with goals. In between the time spent writing and dubiously looking at the reports to check (aha!), I was able to refine and rewrite my goals, and specify the ones that are achievable this year. I also got to break down some into smaller chunks, and make progress on them. Among these are financial goals for my stocks portfolio (learn how to invest here) and savings until the end of the year, ideas for Christmas gifts, and other personal projects.

  4. Great biz ideas! Just toward the end of August (2 days ago to be exact), my love for food, nuts and granola bars suddenly inspired me with an idea that I could make into a small business (and maybe a bigger one if it works well). Teehee. So, I’ve spent the past 2 days researching, planning and exploring the business idea. And I am super excited! Hihi. 🙂 So, I’m hoping it all goes well. 🙂 Been so thankful to the hubby and a good friend who supported the biz idea. 🙂
  5. Still very much thankful for all that I have. The month of August brought a lot of rains (as usual) and we had some days of stormy weather where our area was severely affected. We didn’t have any electricity for two whole days!! Plus, our net connection had a bit of trouble getting back to its virtual feet after the typhoon, so we struggled with having to bear with another connection. Along with that came several issues with our water supply, leaking walls, and our apartment stuff. And all these after we had just recovered from being sick with tonsilitis, fever and body aches, and missing a few days worth of work. Sooo, I guess I was taught a lesson not to ever, ever take anything for granted, especially the basic things we overlook the most because they’re always there — electricity, water, our health, great living conditions.

Given all these, I can say that August was one wonderful month, a great start to the rest of the year, and a reminder of the important things in life. 🙂

September, here I come!! 🙂

Wishing you cheers and sunshine (and warm soothing tea and fluffy puppies) the coming -berrrr months! 🙂

*Ending this post with a selfie with the fluffy, adorable Avani*

Processed with VSCOcam

Lots of love,

Lianne ❤


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