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Over the past few days where I spent majority of my time banging my fingers on the keyboard to make a living, I came across a lot of sites that I consider awesome finds in the vast virtual outer space of the virtual universe.

You know the drill when you’re searching for info on something — you open your browser, type in a term on Google search, click some links, read some articles, click on more links. And before you know it, you’ve reached so many sites, and you’re finally on that one awesome site or blog where you can relate so much to the posts and the author. Or you see content that makes you muse, “This is so me,” or “This is just what I need right now!” 

This has happened to me so many times, and more often than not, I am grateful for having given myself the permission to wander away from what I was originally researching on.

I just wanted to share these sites that either: (a) make me feel awesome, (b) make me feel inspired, (c) push me to take action on my goals, or (d) all of the above. 😀

Recently, I came across Happify, a site that helps people, yes, you guessed it, be happy! 😀 I love this site because it gives you daily activities that you can do to feel good and ditch negativity. You can choose from a lot of free tracks that help in managing stress, finding your calling, and boosting positivity. And what’s great is these activities are backed by years of scientific studies, so you can’t just be skeptical about them. The bottom line is that, they make me feel great about myself. Try it out and you’ll feel happier, too!

Another one that boosts positive vibes is this site named TUT. It sounds funny at first, but I found out that it stands for The Universe Talks (the founder, Mike Dooley, admitted that it originally stood for Totally Unique T-shirts), where you can read inspiring blogs that boost self-development and personal growth. You can also sign up for Notes from the Universe, positive affirmations delivered to your email daily.

I love sites and blogs that are from my fellow Filipinos, because they inspire me to be and do so much more. Like this blog Love is a mutt where Aiza, the blog owner, shares goals, finance tips and tidbits about herself. I also like White Sky Project where Leah writes posts about freelancing, book reviews, and other cool stuff. These two blogs were actually my major inspirations on finally getting this blog up and about.

This other blog, Business Daddy, is founded by Marco, a serial entrepreneur and a very funny dude who loves inspiring people to put up their own business and be their own boss. I love reading some of his posts where he manages to be quite a funny guy but still gets his message across.

This site named The Every Girl (with my initial thoughts being, “what a grammatically wrong way to name a site”) turned out to be a fantastic site for ideas on 30-day challenges, career tips, plus fashion and wellness posts.

These are just some recent sites that I am loving and visiting frequently. Oh, and of course, one of my long-standing favorites is LearnVest where I’m learning so much about finance, goal setting, and a lot more practical tips to save and invest. If you want to take your finances to the next level and start investing, check out Truly Rich Club to get a free e-book on how to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market. Members also get links to powerful audio talks on personal growth and business, monthly newsletters, as well as interview clips with successful businessmen.

I’ll soon be adding more of my favorite sites and blogs. Try looking at them for yourself too, you might just go “Oh wow, this is what I need right now!”

Happy site-surfing!




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