Not a week less

Finally, the hustle and bustle and stress I’ve been feeling the past five months has come to an end. The late nights preparing lessons, the stacks of papers that needed grading, articles on a deadline, plus extra paperwork required by the higher beings in the institution where I work, all of these almost drove me over the edge of sanity.

As the semester came to a close with the most frenzied checking-and-lecturing marathon I’d experienced, I found myself just wanting to sit down and stare blankly ahead, just to have a break from all that stressing and rushing. As I pondered on how fast the days went because of the busyness and reflected on my looking forward to the weekend (even if the week had just started), I found myself thinking–

Why is it that we have to go rushing through the day, get our tired asses to bed at night, and then do the same thing the next day, just wanting the week to be over? Shouldn’t we be savoring the day instead, soaking up our blessings and being grateful for another day, because we aren’t sure if we will make it to the next? Shouldn’t we be praying for the day not to end, for it to seem that our existence did not go by in a haze? This, instead of rushing and waiting for a weekend that means that another week of our life is over? What if we don’t have that many weeks left, and this week was spent rushing about, us wanting it to be over soon. This means one week less to live, one week less to be grateful and happy and loving.

With this thought in mind, I swore that I would not let my work run my life’s pace anymore. I will not let my work own me and make me feel that I just want the day to end. This stops as soon as the semester ends, and I have decided to put my foot down if I am offered more work, more teaching units, and more soul-numbing things that do not help me find my purpose at all.

As I write this, I am looking forward to two months worth of time well-managed and well-spent. Two months of doing what I need to do — reflect on my purpose, establish the foundation for my goals and dreams, grow myself more so that I can pursue the dreams that He has put in my heart.

Today, I start my 30-day project, REDISCOVER. I have set morning and evening routines, and weekly goals that I have to accomplish, no matter what.

This project will help me rediscover the things I love, together with allowing me to savor the weeks I have. 🙂

Stay tuned to my posts to see how I’m keeping up! 😀

Cheers and sunshine,



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