My 30-Day Project: REDISCOVER

So, this is my first time to blog about a 30-day challenge.

A year ago, I came across a book by Kerry and Chris Shook entitled “One Month to Live.” As I read the cover, the words “What if you had only one month to live?” spoke to me. I wanted to do the challenge, but again, I was so busy at that time.

Now, I believe that this is just what I need to get my goals and dreams back on track.

I now commit to sticking to this challenge, and writing about it here in my blog.

My challenge includes the following elements:

1. A morning routine – quiet time, prayers, meditation

2. An evening routine – gratitude lists, planning the next day

3. Weekly goals – Doing something each week that I had been putting off, like painting, practicing my calligraphy, starting that novel, reading a book, or putting up my dream board.

I will be posting here every so often, so you’ll get a peek at my progress. Let’s all hope I get to stick to this! 😀

Cheers and sunshine,


“Every day, ask yourself what you would do if you had one month to live—then live that way.” -Kerry and Chris Shook


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