Of Sunshine and Rain

I hear the first few raindrops on our windowsill, and I smile and think of the early morning sunshine. And I realize that I am thankful for the sunshine and the rain. Sometimes on the same day. Sometimes at the same time.

Sometimes, this is our life. Sunshine and rain. Warm, comforting sunshine that smiles back at you when you beam up at the sky. Then a little later, the rain comes, threatening to wash away the fuzz and the warmth with its overbearing cold and stormy haze.

Sometimes, life gives us too much to bear. Too much stress, too many problems, too much pain, too many difficulties. Sometimes, there are just too many storms, all icy and cold.

But remember that rain can’t wash away memories. Difficulties should not let us forget about our blessings – a roof over our head, enough food to eat, the warmth of friendship and the fire of love. Even if you forget about them, they are there, ready for you when you remember to be grateful for them.

The rain doesn’t wash away memories of sunshine. It can’t. Especially if you have the warmth of the sun still burning in your being.

Don’t let life’s storms interfere with your sunshine. 🙂


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